At Micro Computer Technologies Inc you'll find our brand of desktop PCs, name brand notebooks and HP or Lenovo (IBM) Servers at various price ranges. Whether for use at home or a business, our large selection features the latest generation of devices.

We also carry special gaming computers featuring high resolution video and powerful performance, so you can sit back and enjoy your games without a glitch!


Micro Computer Technologies, Inc ( MCT ) is an original equipment manufacture ( Microsoft OEM Partner ). We build all our computer equipment from individual components selected for their quality and performance and assemble them to match the needs and specifications of the client. As such, there is no reasonable limit on the type of system we can build.


There are several benefits to this type of computer system. A computer built to the client's needs is one that only contains what the client actually wants. Our built to order computers contain very high quality and very reliable components which are hand selected for their application. Our quality custom assembled computers compare very well with the mail order computers in terms of cost; but excel in quality and performance and don't add the shipping.


Then you consider our local service ( not the UPS delivery man ), our local support and our extremely fast warranty service; our quality built to order computers will actually cost less. This makes the Return On Investment very attractive for today's business owner.


Because we are a build to order computer manufacture; we can offer a broad range of computer systems with options that start with the basic desktop systems and go all the way up to the very powerful multi processor server systems. We offer single hard drives, multiple hard drives and various RAID ( Redundant Array of Independent Drives ) hard drive configurations to suit any need or application. We also offer multiple processor options based on both the Intel CPU and the AMD processor.


Our business class systems have a three year warranty. Please see our warranty information under the Service & Repairs tab.

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