Special Services / Data

We know and understand hard drive failures. Remember, it is not IF a drive will fail, but when.


We work on hard drive crashes and can assist in data retrieval and data removal. The sooner we see the drive the better the chance of successful recovery.


We can recover data from erased or formatted hard drives, USB flash drives and memory cards. We have also had good success in repairs ( for data retrieval ) USB flash drives and external hard drives.


We can work with you on the various recovery options including data migration to new hard drives or configuring the hard drive to work in an external enclosure. We are seeing about a 80% success rate.


We also partner with DriveSavers Data Recovery, Inc. in California to recover mission critical data. There is no job too small if it is your data that you need.


To learn more, simply come by our store, call us @ 901-754-3757 or send us an email!


sorry, no Apple or MAC work