Data Warranty

The client must make special notice of the fact that in no way is data, data recovery or any related data activity covered under any warranty or in any form. It is assumed that the client has and will make regular and current backups of ALL data and / or related information for the purpose of data restoring and / or data recovery or any other disaster recovery plan and that the client has verified their backups do work correctly.


Should a warranty covered hard drive failure occur, we will only reinstall the original operating system under warranty. If the client was replaced or upgraded the original operating system supplied with the computer; we will only replace, under warranty, the original operating system. If the client has had MCT replace or upgrade the operating system, we will reinstall the replaced or upgraded operating system we installed under warranty. MCT will only reinstall the operating system, at no cost, under the original term of the warranty coverage. Should the client have a hard drive fail that was previously replaced under warranty and the manufactures warranty on the replacement drives exceeds the original MCT warranty, reloading of the operating system and software shall be the responsibility of the client if the computer is outside the original MCT warranty.


All other activities that relate to data, data recovery, applications or the reinstalling of applications, e-mail and the like can be completed by MCT at our hourly rate if requested. Should MCT work on any data recovery effort on behalf of the client, the client specifically agrees that the liability to MCT or it's affiliates is strictly limited to the cost paid or charged by MCT for the data recovery or it's activity.


In no case will MCT install software or any application unless it is from the original manufacturer's CD or floppy disk. No hand written copies, hand written key codes or photo copies will be considered. MCT is a strong supporter of copy protection and will not work on or with any software that can not be verified.


All MCT computers will have only original and verifiable software loaded. The Client will be given the original disk and related materials, if they were supplied by MCT, at delivery of the system. The only exceptions will be for verified corporate licenses and verified software supplied by the client. MCT can not replace lost or stolen software or software key codes.