Repair Warranty

We are the warranty center for all our computer systems.


We will provide the components needed, at no cost, for any repair should any of our computers need service. We use only quality parts from our own inventory to complete all repairs. These components may include factory new or factory recertified items that are fully covered by the manufacture's or our warranty. In no case will the warranty on a repair be less than that of the original component. Although the replacement part may have a third party factory warranty that exceeds that of the original component, the MCT warranty ends with the original MCT warranty period. Some replacement hard drives may be an exception. In these cases, the end user can take advantage to the additional warranty, after the MCT warranty, through the manufacture.


Our warranties are depot and not on-site ( unless special arrangements have been made ). If we were to have a failed computer, we can still make repairs on-site with the client being responsible for travel time to and from their location to complete the repairs and the difference between the onsite rate and the depot rate. In most cases, repairs are done in our shop (depot ) with customer drop off and pick up or with a courier service. In all cases, warranty repairs of our own computer line take priority over all other repairs in our shop. As such, most repairs are completed in one day and in some cases, the same day.


For repairs on equipment not from our product line, repairs will be worked in the order received and as soon as possible. Repair times may vary depending on the availability of parts. For those repairs covered by the manufactures on site warranty, delays may occur do to both the availability of parts and the verification of the on-site warranty. The client is responsible for supplying any needed documentation required by the manufacture to support the on-site warranty. If the failed unit was sold by us, we will have documentation needed by the manufacturer to verify warranty coverage.


Warranty repairs on laptops are at the manufacturer's repair schedules.